Services for the LGBTQ Community

PLEASE BE ADVISED that I am not taking on new transgender clients during the coronavirus pandemic who are seeking referrals for hormones or surgery, that is, not for as long as psychotherapy sessions must be virtual to keep everyone safe. I will continue to support established clients and am happy to offer virtual sessions, as usual but virtually, to anyone seeking support, an ally, and help coping during these difficult times.

It can be painful to question one’s sexual identity or decide that one is gay.  Discovering your own lifestyle and way of being in the world often means challenging popular opinion and society’s gender stereotypes. 

Some people seek out individuals of the same gender for loving sexual relationships. Other people redefine the way they look because their inner sense of their gender conflicts with the prevailing assumptions made about them by mainstream society.

The American public as a whole tends to defend its norms vigorously and tries to dictate the sexual identity, dress, and lifestyle of its members. The mainstream often shows little tolerance for nonconformists, and yet this category includes people who are the creative lifeblood of our society—people who enrich the ways in which we humans experience ourselves and the world around us.

LGBTQ individuals may feel badly about themselves. Internalizing society’s perceived condemnation, some mistreat themselves and others. Many struggle with anxiety and depression, experiencing threats to their sense of self-worth and their social equilibrium.  Therapy can allow them to affirm lifestyle priorities or to plan for a transition that will let them feel more fully and joyfully alive.

Members of the LGBTQ community are pioneers venturing onto the frontiers of socially constructed reality. In my work I seek to help adults and children alike to realize their potential more fully. I aim to be a sensitive companion for each person, wherever he or she may be on the journey.

I offer supportive consultations for transgender adults as well as for gender-variant adolescents, children, and their families. I also identify resources within the broader community and collaborate with endocrinologists and other providers. I encourage families to accept their LGBTQ members, and I help nontraditional couples define roles that let both partners listen and feel heard. I am a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and follow the Standards of Care, 7th ed., available free of charge on the organization’s website.

Call 860-231-1997 or email me today for an appointment or for more information.

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