Feeling alone, depressed, stressed out, and anxious about the future? Psychotherapy can help!

Get teletherapy or in-person sessions.  Call (860) 231-1997 today to start.

Portrait of Marcia Brubeck

Panicked about gas, money, and world news?

Therapy can help.
Call (860) 231-1997 today!

Portrait of Marcia Brubeck

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Are you looking for psychotherapy or for marriage counseling in Connecticut?

Don’t settle for feeling overwhelmed and stuck in crisis mode.  In individual therapy or couples counseling you can get resources, guidance, coping strategies, and tips on communication from a therapist with more than twenty-eight years of experience helping people young and old. All services are LGBTQ friendly. Have teletherapy in the privacy of your home, office, or car. Or we can meet in person in my West Hartford office. 

With therapy you can


    • Manage loneliness, isolation, midlife and family crises, and fears about the world and the future.
    • Cope with challenges such as sudden loss or a serious illness and feel stronger.
    • Keep the demands of family and friends
      from driving you crazy.
    • Troubleshoot workplace or marital
      problems, even survive a divorce,
      while improving your connections to the important people in your life.
    • Fine-tune your parenting skills, gain
      confidence in your judgment, and feel closer to your offspring.
    • Learn how to handle anxiety, stress,
      depression, and relationship conflict for the rest of your life.
    • Set new goals and start
      feeling calm, capable, and optimistic
      about your future.

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