Marcia E. Brubeck, JD, MSW, LCSW, is a graduate of the University of Connecticut Schools of Law and Social Work, a member of the Connecticut bar, and a licensed clinical social worker.

Prior to opening my private practice in 2000, I provided individual, group, and family therapy in inpatient and partial hospital settings and in extended day treatment programs for children. As a practicing psychotherapist and advocate, I have helped hundreds of children, adults, couples, and families.

Before becoming a social worker, I edited scholarly books in the humanities and social sciences, including psychology. Although I am a member of the Connecticut bar, I have never practiced law.

In my spare time, I enjoy puzzles and strategy games, antiques, walking in nature, art and literature, gardening, baking bread, and writing nonfiction. For several years I produced a community access television program in West Hartford called Great Kids, Great Families.

I am the author of

  • The Ideal Partner Identikit: A Do-It-Yourself Field Guide
  • Find Your Bliss: How to Know What You Want
  • Love More, Fight Less: 15 Communication Survival Skills for Lovers and Others
  • How to Make a Bad Husband Better in 18 Easy Steps
  • How to Sweeten a Sour Wife
  • Dr. Marbles’ Everyday Marvels: Behavior Magic for Parents
  • Places to Go Near Central Connecticut: Day Trips for Families

To learn more about my services, or for an appointment, call 860-231-1997 or email me today.