Telemedicine sessions let you speak with me from the privacy of your home (or elsewhere) when  we cannot meet in my office. They also allow us to see each other without worrying about masks.  I prefer audiovisual sessions to telephonic ones, which may not be covered under your insurance and which do not let us see each other as we talk.

You are better off using your webcam-equipped computer than your cell phone, which will interrupt our sessions whenever you get a text or an incoming call. Available platforms include, Google Duo, Zoom, and Psychology Today.

Worried that your insurance won’t cover teletherapy?  Call your insurer with any questions about your particular plan. Clients not covered by insurance or who have plans without an out-of-network benefit can see me virtually at reasonable fee-for-service rates. If this is you, please let me know.

For more information about virtual therapy, please contact me at (860) 231-1997.  Before we meet, I ask you to download my informed consent to telemedicine form, fill it out, scan it, and mail it or email it back to me so that we can schedule a session. Payment for sessions can be made using your Paypal account. Simply click the button below, which will give you the option of paying by credit card. 

Please note: You do not need a PayPal account, but you do need to enter your email address.

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