Couples Counseling

Do you and your partner spend less and less quality time together having fun? Do your conversations constantly turn into arguments that open old wounds? Is it becoming more difficult for you to talk openly and feel heard?   Couples, marital, or relationship counseling can solve these problems and others. Couples who have a successful, stable partnership are able to listen, reach out to each other in moments of conflict, and enjoy the tasks of daily life. The keys are self-awareness, honesty, trust, and the ability to set limits clearly. A veteran therapist can show you and your partner how to share your feelings, ask for what you need, and listen without interrupting. 

You will both learn about

  • the life experiences that you each bring to the table
  • your beliefs and values and their history
  • the attitudes and habits that interfere with effective communication.

Each of you will identify personal goals. As you learn about yourself and share your wants and needs with your partner, the two of you will find it easier to pursue your shared vision for the future. As your communication skills improve, you will be better able to set goals collaboratively and to support each other in the face of challenges. Marriage counseling can restore a troubled relationship and give you new energy for the future. Premarital counseling can lay the groundwork for a lifetime of collaboration, sharing, growth, and celebration. Get started now! Call 860-231-1997 or email me today.