For New Clients

Welcome.  If you are visiting this page, you and I have not yet met in person, and I need you to do some paperwork. Using the links below, please complete all five forms before our first session, so that I can share them with my billing service, which verifies your insurance benefit, sends in my claims, and pesters me if I don’t supply the necessary information promptly. 

Please also make a photocopy of your insurance card, front and back, on one sheet.  A black-and-white photocopy is fine (made on a copier or your multifunction inkjet printer). Then scan the photocopy to make a PDF, or you can make a PDF of the card directly, but please, no JPEGs or cell phone pictures, which don’t fax well after I print them out.  You can email this to me at [email protected] or fax it to me at (860) 231-1960 (secure fax).


Client Information Form

Consent to Treatment

Informed Consent to Telemedicine

PCP Collaboration Form

Privacy Practices

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