Supervision for Social Work Licensure

Have you always dreamed of training to become a licensed therapist or mental health professional?

Maybe you have been considering your professional options and learning about different programs. Or perhaps you are a recent master’s-level graduate working toward social work licensure and a long-range plan for your career.

Whatever your situation, the right professional supervision from a licensed clinical social worker can help you

  • Find the right career path
  • Get the most from graduate school and internships
  • Manage job-related stress
  • Hone your clinical judgment
  • Earn your clinical license
  • Prepare for private practice

As a master’s-level practitioner, you need a clinical social work license from the state Department of Health to open a private practice in Connecticut or to advance in the profession. To earn your license, you must have 3,000 direct service hours and 100 hours of supervision with an experienced licensed social worker.

When you seek supervision from a practitioner outside your agency, you know that your supervisor will be available every week, at your convenience. You will meet in a private setting, away from agency politics and time constraints. You will get information and resources tailored to your specific questions. Best of all, you will meet state requirements for licensure in the minimum possible amount of time.

Reasonable hourly rates include reference materials, tips about advocacy and case management, clinical guidance about social work counseling, and therapeutic resources as well as a complete kit for establishing a managed-care-based private practice once you have received your clinical social work license.

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