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Psychotherapy can help you, your partner, and your family become happier, more effective, and more productive in all kinds of ways.

  • You can learn how to keep family and friends from driving you crazy.
  • You can improve your parenting skills and gain confidence in your judgment.
  • You can come to terms with a sudden loss or a serious illness and feel stronger as a result.
  • You can troubleshoot workplace or marital problems, even go through a divorce, while minimizing damage to the relationships involved.
  • You and your children can learn skills that will let you manage anxiety, depression, and stress for the rest of your lives.
  • You can take stock of your life, set new goals, and start feeling calm, capable, and optimistic about the future.

Counseling isn’t just for people with mental illness. It can also address workplace, life stage, family, and relationship issues.  Sooner or later everyone welcomes extra resources, encouragement, and a listening ear.  The right therapist can help. Call 860-231-1997 or email me today for an appointment or for more information.